Saltwater Reef Aquariums

Although marine reef tanks require a more educated approach then other types of aquariums they will provide the most enjoyment.

The initial setup must be a strategic approach where each stage is carried out in a coordinated sequence to guarantee a sound environment.

A reef tank is its own complete ecosystem and one must have a good knowledge of how this system works and in particular the processes involved in the nitrogen cycle.

Big is best with reef tanks because a large volume of water provides a more stable environment but you must take into consideration your available space and budget.

As one of the most attractive types of aquariums a marine tank will provide hours of fun for all the family to sit and enjoy some of the worlds natural beauties.

Reef Tank Setup

Unfortunately setting up a reef tank is a long drawn out process if you want to do it right.

Most people go out and buy a new fish tank with all the accessories and can’t wait to fill it up and through in some fish.

Reef Tank Essentials

Most reef tanks consist of live rock, corals, invertebrates, fish, crustaceans and sand, which require some essential accessories to ensure they are well maintained.

Good lighting is needed for both corals and live rock, while an efficient filtration system will guarantee good water quality.

Another factor that influences the condition of a reef aquarium is good water flow, which is usually generated by a power head.

Like many of types of aquariums a stable water temperature will offer the perfect environment for the inhabitants.

With all this taken into consideration the most valuable thing you can do as an aquarist, is to constantly monitor the water quality and make any necessary adjustments to preserve perfect water conditions.