Getting Started

Think about what you want

Deciding on what type of fish tank you want can be a daunting task but it’s important to make the right choice from the start.

Here at we make it easier for you to make an informed decision on what type of fishtank will satisfy your needs.

The main consideration when choosing a fishtank is to evaluate the time you want to put into maintaining the tank, what type of fish you want and the space you have available.

Here we will focus on matching a complete system to what you want while taking into account some of the challenges of keeping a fish tank.

For more information regarding fish selection visit our types of fish page.

Size & shape

Weight & size is one of the most important factors that will influence your fish tank selection.

The physical attributes of some fish tanks may not suit your home so considering where your tank will go and how it will fit your space is very important. In addition to this your tank is the home for your fish, so choosing an appropriate size tank for your fish is critical.

Maintenance is another issue, large tanks may take longer to clean while some very small tanks could prove difficult to get your arms in to clean some tight spots.

Remember to take all of these variables into account to enable you to get off on the right foot when choosing a fish tank.

Matching your tank with your fish

The type of fish you choose to keep will determine your fish tank selection.

Whether they are gold fish or exotic saltwater marine fish, the type of tank you select will play an important part in its long term success.

Recreating a reef environment for saltwater fish is heavily dependent on quality light combined with a relative shallow tank while a gold fish can survive in a simple bowl type fishtank.

In recent times the “all in one” fish tanks have become very popular however their built in filter systems may not satisfy the needs of some types of fish.

It’s important to clearly set out what you want to achieve with your fish tank and work back from there to ensure you establish a tank which will give you hours of fun.

Maintenance – A labour of love

A healthy aquarium must be maintained properly and requires your constant attention to guarantee the survival of your fish.

An easy to maintain fish tank will make regular cleaning less of a chore and your new hobby will be more enjoyable. A good filter system is essential to sustain good water quality and prevents the build up of algae within your fishtank.

Filter systems

While there are a wide variety of filters available the key to a successful filtration system is to match the filter with the requirements of your tank.

The most effective filter systems consist of mechanical, chemical & biological filtration.

Mechanical filters are those that capture particulars in the water as it passes through a membrane before it re-enters the aquarium, while a chemical filter such as charcoal removes dissolved waste from the water.

Bacteria are a biological filter that provides an effective means of breaking down toxic ammonia & nitrates, which can kill your fish. To learn about more complex filter systems visit our filters page.

Cost v Size

If money is no object, cost may not come into the equation but for the majority of us we are working to some kind of budget when buying a fish tank.

Unfortunately setting up a large aquarium can be an expensive exercise because everything is bigger and more expensive.

We recommend you think about what your ultimate set up would be and work back from there to see if it will fit into your budget.